NOWA – Your Source of High Quality Auto-Belts
NOWA is a well-established company in the market of autobelts manufacturers. Our passion for quality and innovation makes us one of the leading suppliers of autobelts to customers around the world. Our autobelts combine reliability, durability and aesthetics, making them the ideal choice for car manufacturers and car enthusiasts alike.

Highest Quality and Precision
As a manufacturer of autobelts, we pay great attention to the quality of materials and the production process. Our autobelts are created with attention to every detail, using materials of the highest quality. This makes them wear-resistant, durable and reliable. Regardless of the operating conditions, our autobelts will do their job.

Extensive range and customisation
At NOWA, we understand that different types of cars and applications require different types of autobelts. That’s why we offer a wide range of types and sizes. Our range includes autobelts for cars, trucks, as well as various types of specialised vehicles. In addition, we are ready to customise our products to meet your individual needs.

Autobelts for All Industries and Applications

Our autobelts are used in a variety of industries, from the automotive industry to agriculture. We are a supplier to both vehicle manufacturers and repair and maintenance companies. Our products can be found in cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, as well as many other places.

Support for Small and Large Businesses

NOWA is ready to supply autobelts to small, local businesses as well as global corporations. Our flexible approach and competitive prices will make working with us cost-effective and hassle-free. We support car manufacturers and garages in providing the highest quality products to their customers.

Worldwide delivery

With our global delivery service, we deliver our autobelts all over the world. No matter where you are located, you can benefit from NOWA products. Our international presence means that our autobelts are available to customers all over the globe.

Customers First

At NOWA, we realise that our customers are what make us successful. That’s why we place great emphasis on customer service. We are available to answer your questions, provide technical support and resolve any problems you may have. Your success and satisfaction are our top priority.


As a manufacturer of autobelts, NOWA is your source for automotive reliability, durability and aesthetics. Our autobelts are used by car manufacturers around the world, as well as by automotive enthusiasts who expect the highest quality products. Contact us to find out why NOWA is an industry leader in autobelt manufacturing. Our diversity, quality and commitment to providing the best products will make your vehicles even better.

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