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Manufacturer of shoelaces

In our wide offer you will find shoelaces for all kinds of applications, both round and flat. The length of such laces should be selected according to the number of eyelets in shoes. For two pairs of eyelets, laces 45 cm long should be enough, for 6 pairs of eyelets, laces 90 cm long. For slippers, having up to 10 pairs of eyelets, you should choose laces as long as one hundred and eighty centimeters.

We specialize in the production of flat and round laces. We manufacture them in various weaves, thicknesses and widths. We use knitting, weaving and braiding techniques. We offer synthetic, cotton, waxed or printed laces, in a wide range of colors and any length. We fulfill difficult and unusual orders. For shoe and haberdashery stores we offer banded or blistered shoelaces. Purchased goods can be delivered on functional stands.

NEW – Your Lace Manufacturer For All Needs

Shoelaces are small but extremely important components that play a key role in everyday life, from shoes to sports bags. That’s why NEW, our company, is your reliable manufacturer of shoelaces, whose quality and variety of products will satisfy every customer.

Superior Quality and Precision

At NOWA, as a manufacturer of shoelaces, we attach great importance to quality and precision. Our shoelaces are created with attention to every detail, using the highest quality materials. Whether you need laces for everyday shoes, sports running shoes or climbing shoes, our products will meet your expectations.

Rich Offer and Customization

As a shoelace manufacturer, we understand that different shoes and accessories require different types of laces. That’s why we offer a wide selection of colors, lengths and materials. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect laces for you. And if you need a custom size or color, we are ready to customize our products to meet your needs.

For All Industries and Applications

Our shoelaces are used in a variety of industries and situations. We are a supplier to both individual customers and companies that manufacture footwear and accessories. Our products end up on the shelves of sporting goods stores, shoe boutiques and many other places.

Shipping Worldwide

NEW, as a manufacturer of shoelaces, delivers its products worldwide. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the quality of our shoelaces. Our global delivery guarantees that our products will reach you wherever you are.

Support for Small and Large Businesses

Whether you are a small shoe store or a large shoe manufacturing corporation, NOWA is ready to provide you with the right shoelace solutions. Our flexible approach and competitive prices will make working with us profitable for your business.

Customers First

As a manufacturer of shoelaces, we know that it is our customers who make up our success. That’s why we focus on customer service at the highest level. We are available to answer your questions and solve any problems you may have. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

NOWA – Your Quality in Every Shoelace

At NOWA, as a manufacturer of shoelaces, we emphasize quality, variety and customization. Our products have found praise from customers around the world. If you are looking for shoelaces that combine excellent quality with competitive prices, NOWA is your answer.

Whether you need laces for athletic shoes, everyday shoes or climbing shoes, we are here to provide you with the best solutions. Our wide range of products, flexibility in product customization and top-notch customer service make our customers’ lives easier.

For NOWA, as a manufacturer of shoelaces, nothing is impossible

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